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My ghostwriting services come with nondisclosure agreements to ensure client confidentiality.


For that reason, excerpts from ghostwritten material may not be published on this site.

For samples of my writing style(s), check out some of the links below.


Find Your Voice

It can take time to develop your voice as a writer, but working with an experienced editor or ghostwriter can help you craft a signature communicative style.

Build Confidence

How often have you felt overwhelmed or insecure by the thought of writing? I can help you get over those insecurities and help you lean into your strengths.

Ease Anxiety with Ghostwriting Services

When all else fails, ghostwriting services can take the angst and dread away from writing. After a brief consultation, I can craft the narrative, article, or other written work you need—but the world will only see your name on the finished product.


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